Nice flames with material-nodes

Hi all, yesterday I played around with the node-editor and saw a blurry nodesetup for “keep the flame” located in blender art magazine number 12. After half an hour of tweaking and testing, this is what I came up with:

The objects in the picture is a cone, a sphere and a cube with a material with the following node-setup:

Aaand here’s the .blend-file with everything in it. Feel free to test it out.

eld.blend (473 KB)

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Cool effect… does the flame move? uh… I’ll chect the blend file :wink:

Naa, they doesn’t move… (yet) But that could easily be done with shape-keys or armatures (At least I think it could) : )

Can you move the flames. I made flames with only15 steps in Gimp
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