nice free web host?

Hi guys,

Could you recomend any nice free web host?

I am looking for a place to upload images to post in foruns, and maybe make a website. I alread used “angelfire” in the past, but they deleted all my things.


see what your isp offers

earthlink: 10Mb, hotlinking allowed (can include your images here), ftp - 50MB, allows hotlinking of images (but not of zips, etc), has ftp
Plasters ads all over the html pages though, so I went to but they’re not accepting registrations anymore. gives you 100 MB web space, plus no ads…

Thanks everybody! - really good host, allow asp, allow hotlinking, 1 ms database, online zip utility, text links on every page.

unlimited bandwidth if asked for.


I would need one that allowed small 1-5mb avi or mpg files so I could post some of my blender animations.

I use No ads, 40mb space (although no ftp for non-paying users), 500MB of user bandwidth per month.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Yeah I tired freewebs but they do not allow avi,mpg or mov?

Sorry Shaba1 I didn’t check that :expressionless: Hope you find a host that can!