Nice Game Engine...

Hello all,

I’m using a very easy to program game engine that many of you probably have heard of: DarkBASIC Professional. It is very easy to program. In fact, I use Blender 2.40 to model and texture my models and maps. For animation, I export my .x file to FragMOTION ( and skin and animate it. The only downfall is it’s not free. DB Pro is $89 and fragMOTION is $20. This is actually pretty cheap for commercial game engines. DB Pro has been used for many commercial games and projects. It uses DirextX 9.0c. It has it’s own IDE (Integrated Development Environment). I highly recommend it if you are interested in creating software for commercial use. Plus you can use any directx shader (.fx file), which there are many good program to create these. You can load and apply a shader and/or special effect to an object with just one simple line of code!!! Check it out!


Hey Jared,

Have you found any -easy to use for a non-programmer- type tools to create .fx shaders? The only app I found to create .fx shaders was nVidia’s tool, and it’s basically a programmng tool.


There’s one from ati that is supposidly easy for programmers or artists. It’s called RenderMonkey - check it out!