Nice Girly 2nd version

before I receive comments…IT IS NOT POSER…

wow thats fantastic

Is that 100% blender?

Great render. Nice style and slightly surreal effect.

Juding by your username, and the art… Zoltan Miklosi?

Nice to see you’re back :slight_smile:

Is everything 3d or did you paint some things in as well? (I’m asking because the hair looks a little painterly :slight_smile: )

So good!

Some wrinkles seem a bit unnnatural to me, but I like the pic very much!

Awesome work. I don’t get why your work doesn’t get to the gallery. Even a clay render got in to the gallery.

5 stars.

blenditall -yes… - Made with Blender and Photoshop CS2 - her hair is based on 3D model and after the renderin I have fixed/painted/improved the mistakes…thx for all praising words…

Hi MZooly;

I don’t know if you saw a post that I asked you about the hair, but can you make some kind of tutorial of the hair ? I like it very much.
BTW, great work!



Still - Hair is just a mesh with colour map and transparency map - just like in poser :slight_smile: - or in any game, just detailed - If you know Cinema 4D R10 - you can create hair with the integrated hair option in easy way-sometimes I use that…-that would be good if Blender could contain something similar option - the particle “hair option” is weak/useless enough to create complex hair.

Very nice. Only thing though, there seems to be a lot of jagged edges on the umbrella.

I have C4D, I’ll have to mess around with that and try to create some hair. I haven’t used it since my class ended. I like the hair on this version better then the first one. I like the hair on the first one but doesn’t feel like it belongs with the outfit. This version the hair seems to go with the girly outfit. I think the other, shorter hair would look good if the outfit was “soldieresqe” and having her in a pose holding a gun or something.

Blender’s current particle hair is weak? Okay…

This is nice work, as always. Has a very illustrative feel to it.

I’m curious, as I know this has been your artistic niche for a long time, do you have a “stable” of models you’ve developed that you reuse and reconfigure as you need them?

Welcome back - top stuff! She have a name?

Hi harkyman - I really think that (“hair” option) - compared with the hair option of C4D R10 or 3DS MAX 9. This model is poseable -It can be set in anykind of pose. Her hands and ears are reused only - I have created them earlier and I use them for my all models - these meshes are “unique” - I have used for one of my male model. So I have to create the head and clothes only for each new model.

hmm, it’s a nice model and all, but i don’t get these… it’s just girls posing?

you are making these for posters, illustrations for something… or… ?


So, these unique models are poseable? Just like in Poser?

…Just kidding!!

Very nice work!! I saw your gallery the other day and it´s really good, you have a great looking style!

What else could they do?
Let’s take some examples.

-Standing in a kitchen making a commercial for a washing machine. Very sexist then.
-Fixing a car. Nah doesn’t look like her thing.
-Something more erotic. Don’t think so. To many little children on the net.
-Sci-fi scene. Done a million times before.

If you make a hot woman then it’s enough to make them pose. Why try something else.

And why isn’t this in the gallery yet?

nice work but i think the hands are to small, in propotion to the head

My only critisism is that the belt buckle just seems s bit to thin and spindly. That is a buckle that would break :wink: but nice job and keep it up. its better than anything i could do at the moment!

…and what about the other images (nice girly) ? - I put it here :slight_smile: