nice hair

okay… lets see here… id like to have some nicley mving hair(could blender accomplish something like the ff advent children(doesnt have to be quite as perfect) cg hair? thats pretty much what im looking for.) would i be able to use like a lattice to deform the particles, and make them sway during an animation?

if this isnt the best way to get what im looking for, what would be?

wait-- nix th static particles… they wont work.
the hair needs to be realistically reflected, (mirror kinda) and halos dont show up in raytracing…damn.

well, what would the best option be for really nice looking hair, thatcan be animated swaying and can be reflected( hair types & colors vary, some long. some short, some wavy some curly.) this is problably gonna be hard to achive considrering my comp sucks, but hey- i ( well actually i dont) have a sh*tload of time on my hands. but since im desperate ill settle for anything(preferrably, something easy to do, considereing im gonna be making cgs for a game)

153 views and no replys… at least tell me if blender could handle this kind of stuff and what they use for hair…