nice looking carpaint?

Hello everybody,

I’ve been testing Blender internal renderer and nodes system. I wanted to archive a “commercial car paint” effect - that is nice looking (not necessary physically correct) dark and shiny car paint.

A short animation of some results you will find at:

and “instant” version (for impatient ones;)

C&C are welcome, I would love some useful tips…

looks nice, but i would also like to see it with different colours, i want a off gold car paint

I think you achieved your goal towards “commercial carpaint” look! Would love to see the scene setup and material and node settings…


Did you make the model?

Model is made by someone else.

I’ve tried to find out, who’s the author (to credit him/her), but failed.

@stvndysn: Some other colors are possible, but I don’t like them :slight_smile:

Here’s an extreme sample:)

@ezpRado: I’m still testing it. When I’m satisfied with the results I may publish scene setup (although it’s nothing fancy).

It says “Sorry you do not have the permission to watch this private video” (on the vimeo link) :frowning:

I have hopefully fixed that…

Can’t wait:p

melon i think the british racing green looks amazing

haha thats some funky paint job! no but seriously nice video :slight_smile:

I always though British Racing Green was darker than that. Probably got that from my many days of playing the Gran Turismo series.

I think the paint job is awesome. Looks great on the car and looks quite realistic.

Well, I’m not sure if green is close to British Racing Car Color, neither if any of those colors are close to any Named Car Colors :slight_smile: but I’m pretty sure none of them is BMW Originally Designed Color :smiley:

this is british racing green and your sample isnt that far off it

it seems to be quite a match, indeed. Also it suits older cars better than new ones IMHO.