Nice outdoor lighting

Has anyone had success with some nice outdoor realistic lighting in Blender simular to yafray GI? I’ve tried some of the usual stuff but never get that nice smooth even soft lighting you get in yafray.

I have an animation that really could benefit from the nice backing and layers in Blender that I’d like to try.

i’m with you, i need a good solution

Outdoors in bright sun or overcast day? Outdoors in the Sahara Desert, Antartica, or Amsterdam? Outdoors underwater, at 30,000 feet, or at the beach?
soooooo…first, the Sun lamp gives the most natural lighting that you would see outdoors; parallel shadows. The Ambient light setting softens everything to reflect natural ambient light. You’ll want to use Raytraced shadows, and Radiosity in bright sunlight to catch the underlighting effect a white shirt has on the underside of the chin. That’s a start, then fill with hemi’s from the side to soften shadows.

I am struggling with lighting also. Soooo…

Let’s say outdoors on a bright sunny day at 2pm on July 7th (any year) in Knoxville, TN. The temperature will be 78 degrees F, a pleasant 40% humidity, pollen count is also low, no recent sandstorms, volcanic eruptions or plague of locusts.

The scene will be a 3 story opera house built in 1890. (Actually the opera house I’m doing is in McConnelsville, Ohio - but I didn’t want to be picky!)

Is there just some standard that can be easily setup for outdoor scenes in bright sunlight?

Maybe following references from may be helpful. Sorry the tutorial is in the Czech language ( but reference files are quite selfexplanatory:

Author is G_Taurus, also here at Blenderartits forum well known Czech Blender artist.

Some places I always mention in this context: (might be a good start for anyone using Blender)

And there are many more. It is hard to give simple answers to such questions…
But @Brucewestfall: It is nice that you have such detailed specifications but I doubt they will help you much with Blender (although MentalRay does work with physical attributes if light, or was it Maxwell?). A good imagination and a little observation will help you much more :wink: (and without the exact year you can’t do anything anyway :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Well, given I do a lot of work in Yafray. I’m looking for bright sunlight with a natural look from a clear mid-day. I think the problem is lack of GI. I’ve tried with good but not impressive results with Blender’s internal renderer. I found it just better with yafray (but super slow.)

I find Blender’s internal renderer to lack the soft lighting and clean ambient light needed for this. I can be done with lots of sphere lamps and radiocity, but I need some animation abilities as well. I think the spotlamp GI hack is a bad solution personally since it should be a built-in thing.