nice resource for HDR lightprobe / IBL images, sIBL archive

Found this today, didn’t know about it before but it has a whole bunch of really, really nice images up for free:

many gigs of images, even some HDR images of actual photo studio lights, which I have been wanting for some time.

everyone has probably seen this already, but if not, it’s a good resource.

Yup and here’s a few more:

Didn’t know about the openfootage one, thanks. Anyone know of resources for HDR images of studio lights? This seems like it would be really useful for certain things, and they are hard to find.

If you don’t already have them, I think I can fix you up with some non-resource-intense lights and another site that was hiding on me for a bit. Here’s the site: and here’s the zip: I included his tutorial and the license info. Cheers

Check out my old list of junk here

Yeah, a lot of them have started charging, moved or don’t exist anymore. A lot of good stuff is still there though. I had and still have quite a few.