nice script : bevel on selected vertices

From a french author, Loïc Berthe ( , released under Blender Artistic License

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Nice script indeed, thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Are there any docs for this? How do you use it? Thanks jms. This will be a great tool to use.

I’ve made a new version, which is available here

changelog :

  • new undo system
  • pb with subsurf fixed
  • some clean-up in the code

Usage :

  • select some vertices
  • quit edit mode
  • launch the script ( you will find it in /misc/bevel center if you put this script in your python directory)
  • click on bevel
  • adjust the thickness slider

You can click on recursive to smooth the bevel, but this is still experimental. Sometimes some faces can go into their neighbours. The script will display a limit you can try in rem. double, but this is not always sufficient.


Regarding overlapping faces, I’ve solved that problem in the built-in bevel function, you could have a look there to get some ideas (in editmesh.c). Though it’s tightly integrated in the bevelling distance calculations, so it might not be that useful to you.


This script is good. I wish the built-in bevel did selective bevelling like this.

Or does it and I just haven’t understood the function well enough?


Loïc or jms,

This script is good in itself, but it suggests a useful, generalized modification. The routine for making faces from a list of vertices, which this script has – I think it could be extended to ‘paving’ faces over a field of selected (faceless) vertices. Not necessary for the routine to be successful in all cases, either. In many situations, I would be glad to build the last faces by hand, after a script had first covered a majority.

Only if you feel inclined, of course

I think it´s a good idea for a new script.

Ah ha! It works great for me now. Thanks Elby.