Nice Smooth Nurbs Surfaces Techniques?

Hello, I used Blender for a few years and absolutely loved it. I also like this forum very much. I now use Maya at my work --also a very cool tool. I don’t have time to work with both guis in fact not enough time to dedicate towards 3D in general.

Was trying to hunt down some info on making nice smooth nurbs surfaces in Maya at the alias discussion boards. Also have stopped at 3D world boards but nothing so far even comes close to elysiun!

Anybody want to talk about getting nice smooth renders for your basic 3D logos? I am interested. So far I mostly import curves from illustrator and extrude them into nurbs surfaces. It takes a lot of work fussing with tesselation rebuilding curves and surfaces to get a so-so final product?

Any techniques or insight would be appreciated?

Thanks for reading this long question.

Any particular reason why you’re using nurbs as opposed to subsurfed polys?

I, too, am interested in learning more about nurbs in blender. I understand some progress has been made on 2.40 in the area… not sure how these have manifested themselves, however…