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I’m a little bit confused about some work in progress tools in blender, I have seen this great tools here :

  • pTex
  • Remesh Modifier
  • Sking Modifier
  • Dynamic Topology Sculpting

I have 2 questions :
This new tools will be integrated in the next upcoming version of blender in February ?
Is it possible to download them to test them at this time ?

My apology for noob questions :slight_smile:

The Remesh Modifier is in trunk (get a build from, the others you won’t see in Feb

As far as I know all of them are beign develeped to some degree, the re mesh modifer is already in trunk so any new build from should have it, the rest I have no idea of what release date, or time line they have, since this is open source, its gonna be completed when its completed :wink:

I noticed it in a thread in the support section, his VPaint project that i didn’t noticed before looks very usefull for texturing and simply beyond amazing too.

edit : for the remesh modifier, you can download an up to date 2.61 from the buildbot too , the Remesh modifier is integrated to it (at least in the r43092 i just tried.

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I do think that Vpaint would be usefull for CG makeup! Hello Mango?

I can’t get remesh to work
Anybody else having problems?

Vpaint looks awesome! never seen that before!
that mixed with pTex will be sweet! :slight_smile:

ptex is awesome… but it wont be integrated until there is proper ptex support all through the application (baking to UV’s / cycles support etc.etc.)…

they can do it, no cant or quitters in our Blender universe.

Seems to work for me after trying on a blender version from the buildbot.

That said, i have questions about this modifier, always wanted to ask but always distracted by working on something else meanwhile.

I take this example, i import one of my sculpt from Sculptris
As expected the topology made from Sculptris is something that is a good test for remeshing :

The default “Mode” of the Remesh modifier is “Sharp”, and if i change nothing but just increase the octree a bit to get more details, it does a really bad job :
and the topology of that is even more horrilbe :

Even lowering the “sharpness” setting to 0.1 does result in something that stay rather bad.

Now if instead of letting the default “Sharp” i use “Smooth”, while it has some “topography maps”-like loops i can obtain something much nicer than with the Sharp setting:

Is there a trick or something specific that i don’t know to have that “Sharp” setting resulting in something approaching “good” ?

Robsoie, as you can see on this video the mesh is pretty simple and on this one the result is near similar than yours on your character face.

The remesh tool is just done to clean a mesh with boolean, metaballs, scan…
To have a proper Topology if that what you want, you’ll need to retopo :slight_smile:

Yes, i know for proper topology you’re not going to use the remesh modifier, that’s not my point at all.
What i said is that by using the default settings (Mode = “Sharp” ) of the Remesh modifier, you have the result i shown :

It can’t be intended if this is for the default setting ?

sculptris meshes need to be retopo,
i know he put alot of work into remesh, but i really have no use for it.
(its not like 3d-coat Autopo or anything)

even DrPetter’s algorithm looks more promising…

The remesh modifier has its usefullness, as shown in the boolean video if you want to clean some meshes with truly horrible topology after applying booleans, or for quickly remaking quads based shapes from triangulated meshes so you can work on them in Blender sculpt mode.

here is 3d-coat autopo with default settings(without using any guide marks or lines)

(imported Sculptris obj)

(Autopo default settings) not perfect but can be cleaned up.

if you use guide lines you will obviously get better topology flow as well…

The result is pretty good !

But the question is : The typology is enough good for animation ?


  1. You forgot to enable symmetry in 3dc LOL.
  2. Loop guides are good but unfortunately these aren’t forced loops, just generic guides. So, no luck here.
  3. Spent your time now to clear these n-gons. How much are they? My guess ~30
    I did a lot of tests with remesher modifier. Had no luck. Even after some boolean operations. I can’t find a use for this. Maybe some more development?
    But I liked the b-spheres project. What’s happening with this?

I have a question. Maybe I am too simple minded. It seems to me that if someone way more skilled and knowledgeable than myself were to create a plugin that combined the shrinkwrap modifier and the retopology tool, you could take a low poly base mesh of a head, scale it slightly larger than a high poly mesh and place it so that the high poly mesh was inside of the low poly mesh, click the new incredible shrinkwrap/retopo modifier, and wala you have a low poly of a high poly with the click of a mouse. John Lennon would be proud.

It seems like sharp mode is not good for anything
Smooth gives you good topology :slight_smile:
Block is a nice feature but not very useful