Nickname Size limit ??

(Timothy) #1

Hey everyone,

As you may know I am planning on integrating the elYsiun forum and the elYsiun main website more.

Now this also means that the membership system will be joined. However I will need to add some extra fields, and delete some other fields out of the users profiles. This is not much of a deal since I can change these details myself for the 40 or so current members of the elYsiun main website, and everyone else can fill this in wether or not he / she likes it.

However there is one thing which is troublesome, and that is the nickname size. For some services it is required for me to enforce a size limit of 11 chars.

Currently there are 66 registered members who have a nickname larger than 11 characters, and thus those will need to change their nicknames (I will ofourse add an option in the profile page to do this).

However, another option would also be to litterly cut a part of the nickname away when the members use these services. A problem with this however is that nicknames wouldn’t be ‘unique’ anymore and impersonation would be rather simple.

Anyways, I would really like to take your opinion in this matter into consideration. Though my final descision may be different than yours.

Please if you have any comments, post them in here.

Thanks and Greetings,
Timothy Kanters

p.s. new members are already restricted to have a nickname smaller or equal to 11 characters. And I have e-mailed all members who currently still have a nickname larger than 11 characters to please look at this topic.

Also note that I have activated nickname changing (just go to your profile and edit it). If you decide to change it you are also already restricted to the 11 characters size limit

(IamInnocent) #2

I will sue you for patent infringement, label defacing and all the might of the Légion Etrangère if you dare !


I will just change my nickname. Just let us know when.


(S68) #3

As soon as there are no limits like ‘minimum 4 chars’ :slight_smile:


(Timothy) #4

hehe no size limit will always be 11 characters if I am gonna change it.
I myself am leaning very much towards changing it, since the downsides of not changing it are rather big I think.

(rndrdbrian) #5

No worries man!

Change the limit if you must, as I can always drop a few vowels or two.


(vaniasmrkov) #6

I assume the “Should I or Shouldn’t I” refers to should you or shouldn’t you merge the forum into the main site. If that is the case, then “YES”.

But if it is should you mandate an 11 character minimum, I think “NO”, which is what I voted. My nic is standard, and I use either that or my email address when joining groups. I would end up being very frustrated trying to remember what I sign in as if I was not able to use them. Why not keep both fields, and set the form username to default to your main username?


(ectizen) #7

Would it be possible to keep the long nicknames, truncate them where necessary, and have the nickname creation/validation/whatever process require the first 11 characters to be unique?
I imagine there’d be something in place to prevent a new account using an existing nickname - perhaps it could be made to also check for an existing 11 character match?

(SkyWriter) #8

or howabout, everyone has to have EXACTLY 11 character in their name.
that makes things real easy. gee, i thought you only make good websites with IE?

(Goo) #9

I second that.

But really, I don’t think anyone will mind if their forced to cut down their user name if that’s the only option.


(Timothy) #10

No I make good websites for everything but your browser. (Yes netscape 4.x)

(acasto) #11

lol :slight_smile: … I hate netscape 4. It always just has to look different and screw everything up.

(Squirrelt) #12

I chose “don’t care” but not because I don’t care but because this really doesn’t affect me in any way. I personally can use a shorter version of my name that I am already used to using… namely ‘squirrelt’

If it makes things easier for you to impose an 11 char limit then I am all for it… after all we will all benefit by then being able to use a well kept site that can now have even more attention shown to it. Time saved could always be put back into the site (in a nutshell).

I love it here and would like to see a continued impeccable site.

Thankyou (but falls instep of steps off his soapbox :-? )

(LethalSideP) #13

/me begins counting - L,1…E,2…T,3…H,4… A FEW DAYS LATER

ah. Oops. Well, I guess I’m for the change…but I’ve been using this nick for nearly 3 years now SENTIMENTAL SNIFF. I guess it’ll be worth it eventually…why do you need this change, Kib, out of interest? Will we notice any differences as a result of this? What does this mean for the daft ones of us whoven’t been keeping up with (apart from the name change, of course)


(malefico) #14

I would like to extend S68’s style and suggest that all of us should change our nicknames to easy-to-remember 3 letters mnemonics like ASM instructions.
Also cut down messages to gutural interjections like GAY-TRA-BLEN- DUH - UKK-OK !!! Instead of “Blender should have raytracing capabilities”

I will gladly accept to be called DUH.


malefico. 8)

PS: OK cut them down !

(Vidigiani) #15

Assembly has four letter instructions too :slight_smile: I want to be PUSH.

(rivenwanderer) #16

Hmm… so would this mean that I would be “rivenwanderer” in the normal course of things like the forums and could just be “wanderer” on the other stuff?

(theeth) #17

I’m FOO 8)


(S68) #18

I’m FOO 8)


All fundamental UNIX command has two letters

ar bc ll ls ln md cd cp mv dd …


(beatabix) #19

i’m not sure, but i think it’s more likely to be something automatic, like the first 11 chars, so you would become ‘rivenwander’.

am i wrong, kib?


(DaniHell) #20

It does not affects me. I Just hope you don’t do restritions to the contents of the nickname. Is the word “Hell” allowed? lol :smiley: