Nicolai Goblin UPDATE- this time I really need help!

Hey. I’ve changed the ears, nose and modified the lips slightly. When viewed from the front, all is cool…

But when we look at him at a certain angle…

… holy hell, it’s #@!$%^[email protected]!!! And what’s worse, I have no idea how to make it look better. If You guys have any, send them in please. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Well… the whole thing is about camera angle… And, actually it’t to close t othe model… Well… i see two solutions :

  1. Move the head away from the camera… it’s too close like i said

  2. Turn orthogonal projection off… that’s a bad idea!!! on this step there wouldn’t be focus of view at all… that means that distant objects will appear to be at the same distance as the closest ones…

Броня крепка и танки наши быстры!

I don’t really see were the problem is. And I don’t think you’ll notise that in an animation.

But if you’re in desperate need to change him, then I do have two advices.

  1. Make the haed wider from front to back, hope you’ll understand.
  2. Or shorten the ears.

that’s my advices for you. hope you manage to make him look more cooler than he allready do.:wink: cheers

by the way .))) cool pic .))

Hmmm… Well, he does look alright when viewed from a bigger distance, but I wanted him to look good on close-ups too.

And strangely enough, I’ve made the head more narrow (front to back) just a while ago, thinking it’d look better. A mistake, I guess. Any more ideas?

by the way, thanks for the comments so far ;)))

To fix those ears, I suggest rotating them forward and shortening them (hope that makes sense). This will give you a similar look from the front. They will not be as long looking at them from the side, though they will not be slanted back like they are now either… but something’s gotta give.
Anyway, excellent character model!

Well you can.
Use a lens similar to between portrait and telephotolens.
About 150 mm.

The distortion in your image was probably because you used a wide angle lens.
If you go too close your object you’ll have massive distortion, mainly on the sides.

The lens distortion looks good with your model, he’s cartoony so it makes it look even better.

here… this is what i was talking about… try playing with “lens” and projections types…

Wow, it actually helped. Great thanks for all the tips, You guys, especially vliegtuig! And shirokoff, nice model there :wink:

I didn’t realize how ugly the fabric looks on a close up though. Anybody knows a way of making realistic looking clothes?


make the texture smaller, for one. It looks like it could work, but change the map to xy and z scale values.

Great work! It is looking great :smiley:

Though I think you need some lip work here :wink: Are you going for the Evil look or are you making a “cute” Goblin?


He has actually got a bit of lips…
(This is the old nose tho’). If that’s not lippy enuff, I’ll try to work on it, thanks.

BTW, here’s how the whole model looks so far:

edit: an yeah, He originated from a comic (my comic;) ) so he’s gonna be rather cute. Though comments on how would I make him evil are appreciated.

WOW- Awesome model. I just think the feet are too big compared to the rest of his body but other than that he is great.

nice model! i think the big feets look great, and makes him a unique character! :slight_smile:

I think the nose would look better if you’d get rid of those hard edges. You could also make the pose of the arms a little more ‘relaxed’. other than that great render! :slight_smile:

Great character! I really like the skin texture.

I suggest scaling down the texture mapping for his clothes. The cloth seams too porous. I would hate for him to catch a cold. :frowning:

I assume he is from medieval times. I think his belt buckle looks too space age like. Maybe make it less shiny and or put a raised symbol on it.

My 2 cents.

Yeah. That’s another matter. He comes from a medieval world but works for an organization who has contact with other dimensions and is able to acquire high-tech gadgets. This particular belt is exactly for travelling between worlds.

Looken good! Though I think the feet are a bit to big :wink:


Jeez. I will make them smaller, alright. Just to make You all see how crappy he looks then :). (Damn, even my Basic Architectural Design proffesor -I used Nicolai in a viz - said “The alien is alright, although his feet are too big.” Hmpf.