NID Graphics - Artwork Every Week Challenge

I have recently decided to challenge myself to post one new render every single week (excepting vacation and absence).
I will be updating this thread, and asking for ideas for new renders. Feel free to tag along :slight_smile:

The main purpose of this is to build a very diverse range of skills, and to complete a large quantity of small, but very high quality projects, with the ultimate goal of preparing me to make a professional portfolio and/or demo reel. I expect this is going to be very challenging and very fun :slight_smile:

I challenge you to post your own thread and post a render every week, it will help you progress a lot!

Placeholder thumbnail artwork:


So, first up is my tactical watch render:

And the second week’s post:

How did you do the droplets I think they look a bit too stretched.

Particle system

I think if you tweak the settings or perhaps remodel the original water droplet particle (i’m assuming you’re instancing) and change that label it will greatly help the picture. Overall it’s good but could be better. Hope that helped!

Thanks, sorry for being short with you there, I was right in the middle of something. The particles are a little off, I agree. THank you for your feedback, it helps me watch out in future :slight_smile: However I do not plan to work on that artwork any more as I am already moving on to the next week’s entry, which, if I can get it done in time, will be an RC helicopter :smiley:

EDIT: Seems like everytime I decide to do something something else comes up to get in the way . . . this won’t be updated weekly I’m afraid :confused:

This weeks artwork I managed to make in a few spare hours last night, and it just finished rendering. I could have used some more subdivisions on the grass, but oh well. Good enough for now I guess. Translucency takes forever to render :confused:

I missed a few weeks . . . shoot. Anyways, 2.75 is out now. I will be exploring some of the new features. Maybe working on some detailed materials. Either that or making some assets for a game idea I have. I have been experimenting with Unreal Engine 4.8 now that it is free, and it is powerful.

Any reason why you’re using blender game engine? :frowning: Looks nice btw.

I don’t have a huge amount of render power, so I am thinking I might try and do some realtime style rendering for short films and such. Assets will be made in blender, but the BGE just doesn’t do as good of a job. I also am going to use Cycles baking when possible.

Can you explain the tangible differences over using unreal to bge. I don’t like the unreal profit philosophy and I just hate fragmenting my workflow, hence why I work only in blender?

Unreal engine is a specific program dedicated to a particular purpose, which will always be better than an “all sizes fit one” approach. The BGE is good, but I think UE4 is much more versatile, you can use nodes and C++ to code actions, and things like that. About the profit philosophy, taking a percentage cut only after you net over $3k per quarter is a great business decision, and really helps people start out.

I’m still not convinced. I’m sticking with bge, it wouldn’t be that difficult to clone your unreal scene, and I don’t want to learn another toolchain.

I don’t think c++ is a good choice for actions, which btw I happen to know c++ very well, a scripting language like python was a great choice by the blender devs. If the blender game license was a little more friendly, but I digress. Nice test, and to be fair a $3k per quarter isn’t that bad a cut, but let’s be fair a lone programmer won’t be making a game any time soon that is going to pull in the same amount of $$$ the big boys are.

So I guess it is fun for testing etc.