.nif Files?

is there a way to load .nif files on Blender?

And the prize for most ambiguous first post goes to… :slight_smile:

Which of the following .nif files do you mean?

NIF = Binary hardware network initialisation file
NIF = Mime: application/x-nif
NIF = Mime: image/x-niff
NIF = NIFF Navy Image File Format (bitmap) graphics interchange format
NIFF = Bitmap image (Navy Interchange File Format)
NIFF = Mime: image/x-niff

At a guess, I’d say you want the Navy image file format, right? I don’t think Blender supports it offhand. Couldn’t you just change them into a standard lossless 2D image or do they contain extra info?

hmm, im not sure. lol, yeah… newbish. anyone know the game Morrowind? i want to load 3D files from that, witch i where told are .nif’s. the files would be 3D frames of swords etc if that helps. im totaly new at this… bear with me… how would i change their format to load on blender?

Oh I see, it’s morrowind you’re after. There was someone else wanting to do a similar thing with Microsoft Train Sim format. I just don’t understand why developers don’t use standard formats. Anyway, from checking out http://www.morrowind-mod.com/Modders%20Resources%20Free%203D%20Model%20Sites%20&%20Modeling%20Programs.htm

I discovered the following:

While the above 3D programs (listed on the site above) are FREE (including Blender) & are very good for making 3D models, they still won’t allow you to use the .NIF importer, which you need for Morrowind. For that you need to have 3D Studio Max. Also, you need to have either Version 4 or 5, which are older, so you need to look around for them.

So it looks like you have to use 3ds max. Someone has written a script for Neverwinter Nights for Blender but I haven’t seen one for morrowind I’m afraid. If you can get an old demo or whatever of 3ds max, you can maybe export models to an obj or 3ds format, model in Blender, export back into 3ds and then export to nif.