.NIF models

I had assumed for no reason a while ago that 3DSM was the only program that could export .nif files to use in the elder scrolls games. I realized today that that was probably incorrect, so I did a quick search and came across the blender .nif import/export script. I’ve been exploring the way the files need to be made and I’m just coming across countless questions.

The first one is: how do empties work in the animation process? I saw in the readme file that armatures aren’t exported yet, so you have to use empties.


Don’t know anything about .nif but .bvh import scripts do the same thing; they write an empty to the base and tip of each bone (the joints in IK’s share an empty) and then write IPO’s (not actions, so there are no eulers) for each empty. The Blender scripts then Parent bones to empties and you parent the mesh to the bones. This way the IPO’s of the empties drag the bones which in turn drag the verts.