Niftools for Blender 2.49b

Im looking to install the Nifskope import/export tools but it only works for Blender 2.49b i have tried putting the Py files into the scripts folder but its just not working what do i do?

That was written for a very different API. Unless the author or someone else updates it, there’s not much you can do with it outside of 2.49.

Well i just want to figure out how to install it is all for 2.49 since it just gives you an error on all other versions

Ah. Sorry. I misunderstood. I thought you were trying to get it working with a newer version. I haven’t used 2.49 in quite a while now.
In fact I don’t even have a copy on my machine anymore.

If putting the files into the scripts folder isn’t working, I can’t think of anything else. :slight_smile:

There must be someway of getting it to work as there are so many modders out there still for Fallout/Skyrim

From what I’ve seen about niftools it’s still in the process of being ported to work with newer versions of Blender. So 2.49 is still recommended for export/import.

I don’t know much about the scripts, as I’ve never used them. But I quickly set up 2.49 again and dumped the provided scripts into the scripts folder. I’m using a zipped version of 2.49. As I do with all versions.

Is this what you were expecting to see?


Yeah exactly that how are you doing it? i have been putting the actual Py files in should i put the zip in?

Well its working but .nif importin/exporting is giving me an error when i try to use it.

Not much else I can do. It’s not a script set I’m familiar with at all.

But in case someone who has used it, comes by, list the actual error in full. You need to provide more information about it. Rather than simply saying “there’s an error”.

Besides that you’re going to need to study any documentation. It’s quite likely there’s some specific requirements for a model to work with the export. :slight_smile:

This is how i got thing running, hope helps.