Hey folks,


Haven’t actually shown a game here for a while. I’ve been extremely busy with uni applications and allsorts but, hurrah, I’m (sort of) back and here’s the latest game - Nigel


Gameplay is pretty simple and still under development: basically, Nigel has to seek out a crystal in each level, and return it to a collector to proceed to the next level. Maybe there will be a possibility for more than 1 crystal per level, but I haven’t tried that yet.


Here’s a really early WIP video on Youtube:

And some much-needed screenshots:

A lot of stuff has been set up, thanks to everyone who has helped, but there’s a hell of a lot of stuff still to go in, so keep your eyes open and I’ll see ya all around here very soon with hopefully some more gameplay and maybe even some more screenshots!



good game. good luck

Awesome! I love that style of 3D game :slight_smile:

Bump above post updated with more interesting descriptions and some screenshots. Thanks for the support guys!

Looks nice, but don’t you think the robot looks a bit too much like Wall-E?

Thanks Plant, yes quite a few people have told me that. I’m going to redesign him soon, but just keeping this model while I work out gameplay

I’ve got Nigel sorted, with a new “beer belly” shape. Here’s a nice new screenshot for you to feast your eyes upon…

Unfortunately I think the treads + binoculars combo is the main thing that gives him the resemblance, so the new body shape hasn’t really changed my impression much.

I hope you won’t mind my saying so, but this game looks very cute.

Aw man I can’t see them. I’m a go and kick my mom off her computer haha feedback in a few (always like your games)

Edit: Haha that looks really cute-erm, cool :wink: can’t wait to play a demo!!