Night city scene

This is night city scene which was rendered with Cycles at 10 AA samples, with procedural sky and overlaid mist.
The city itself is not a city :D, but a bunch of lamps spread with several particle systems.

There was first result which I don’t like as it seems to be over-saturated.

Tell me what you think about it.


The first impression is good.
This can work used like a background for another scene, maybe with a character in the foreground or in an aerial shot.

I would look at the road pattern, there seems to be a bit in the middle where there is a whole bunch of traffic with no real route for them to travel. Perhaps look at some road maps and see what sort of layouts you get. Also with certain countries, they also tend to have very defined layouts- America tends to use a grid layout quite a lot.

Looks nice, it’s a good start. There is too much bloom, and the lights all are somewhat the same size. My 2 cents I guess, good luck!

Thank you for your feedback!
@Birkov I wanted to create a city scene only, though the scene indeed is a bit empty.
@NigelRen the middle was intended to be as alley around a lake or park or something like that. I think now it doesn’t really look like that :wink: I know grid planning is used much, still I wanted a bit less even looking. The latter would be even simpler to achieve without Random option in particle system (and I can’t say I liked that result).
@Yanal Sosak I wanted kind of desaturated glare looking, though I know it could be too much. I’ll try to look into that.