Night Elf

Hi :D. Just whipped this together in an hour or two, based on the night elves in Warcraft 3. I haven’t finished texturing, so if you know any good procedurals (or other) for skin or for bark I’d be grateful. I’m going for a fantasy kind of look so I’m not looking for realism help, just composition etc. (BTW, the hair is meant to be magical in appearance)Thanks very much.

looks really cool
but it is hard to beleive that it was made in two hours
body and face modeling are hard, but if you got it down to where you can get it done in two hours then you are a blender master, haha
nice work

Wu: It’s a MakeHuman base mesh.

The particle hair looks off to me. You will need to play with the settings there to get it right.


As BgDM said its a MakeHuman model. I don’t have anywhere near enough skill or time or patience to model that carefully. Full credit to Manuel Bastioni there. Yeah, thanks BgDM, I thought the hair was a bit off but I never went back to play around with it, some particles don’t join up so I’ll fix that. I’ll post again tomorrow.

Any more tips (esp. skin & bark) would be greatly appreciated.

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or www.photobucket or alltaken site :smiley:

geocities don’t technically allow remote linking, and the bandwidth is technically capped at 4mb per hour. Never host anything there you’re going to put on here, its just pointless.

like fly said, , all you need to do is select your file then upload, you don’t even need to register.

Looks very nice. Although the hair needs some tweaking. Perhaps you should consider not using particle systems. Here’s a great plugin for making hair (and other fiber based objects): It makes nice hair (with some tweaking, latice deformations work great if you don’t feel like learning what all the parameters in the script do :smiley: ) and then you can give it a Warcraftsy type material.

Well actually, I made the particle generator using ripsting’s script so that the particles would be roughly where I wanted them to be. My problem is that I have a pretty crappy computer so to make millions of faces for good looking hair takes some time. I’ll give it a shot anyway though. BTW, what do you mean by a Warcraftsy material, one of the in-game ones or one of the awesome cinematic ones?

I’m not quite sure because of the quiet subtlety but someone might want me to use imageshack. :wink: Thanks

Yea my computer aint great either but as long as you use the solid and wireframe views. The hair should not affect performance too much. Maybe move it to a different layer until you’re ready to render. By arcraftsy style hair I mean something like this:
Pretty realistic but an unnatural (for us Huamans :smiley: ) color, and possibly some shiny particles in the hair.