Night Furry

So I have been using Blender for almost two years now and I have not really touched on animal or human modeling. So this is sort of my first attempt at any of that sort of stuff. It is supposed to be Night Furry from the How to Train Your Dragon (I havent made the mechanical tail yet. or turned off the mirror so it cant be toothless.) I hope you guys like it and I hope to receive a lot of feed back for it. At the moment the eyes are place holders. Thanks for the help.

And also these are only open GL renders. I have not touched the textures and stuff. Also if anyone has any tutorials on how to give it more life and add more detail it would be very appreciated.

A quick little animation I put together.

Hope you like it and can help me out with this one.


It’s a good start.

Also if anyone has any tutorials on how to give it more life and add more detail it would be very appreciated.

I suggest to sculpt your model. It’s much more intuitive than modeling. Once you have a base, using blender sculpt mode (or another tool, like Zbrush) allow you to quickly add more realism and details to your model.
You will be able to use a pattern to sculpt your mesh. So you can add details that way.
The eyes should be bigger but since it’s placeholders I won’t comment. However if I remember correctly the movie one of the tail’s wing is broken.

For the animation I suggest to watch slow motion videos of birds flying to learn how they move their wings and what’s the key positions. Also when you show us an animation test like that I recommend to avoid to move the camera. Se we can focus on the animation.

Also can you please post a wireframe :).


Thanks for the great advice. Here are the wireframes:

(front view: Ill work on the detail.

“Toothless? I thought you had… teeth.” :smiley:

Like what you have so far. What I remember of the night fury, I think his wings had more “flexibility” to them. Yours seem kind of stiff.

When I was looking up OpenSubdiv for blender, I found a .blend with the dragon from Sintel. No textures, but a full model and flying animation. You should try to find it. Organic and animated models are all about topology and edge flow, so you should try to learn as much about topology as possible. Blender Cookie has some great topology tutorials. It takes lots of work and practice but it looks great when you get it right. But anyways, that’s a great base for sculpting dyntopo. You can remesh it later and focus on topology and then bake the hi-red mesh’s normals onto the remeshed version.

thanks for the great advice. Im going to get on it right away. Do you know where you found the dragon from Sintel by any chance?

I don’t think I’m allowed to post links yet (still less than ten posts) but: search google for “blender opensubdiv build” and there should be a link to graphicall. The page should have a blue-highlighted “test blend” which you can download by clicking on. It’s a direct download link.