Night Highway Lights

Software: Blender, Cycles, Photoshop, After Effects
Production time: 1 Week
Rendertime: Freaking long, almost impossible to render without noise - Read the tutorial about nighttime lighting + Examples

When you go by car from Amsterdam to Vilnius, tired and sleepy, it’s not easy to notice how captivating is a night highway lighting. Really, I am speaking from my experience of night travels. The last thing that comes to mind is that you see an awesome lighting, created by traffic.

But what if you actually start looking? Start looking like you just saw the road for the first time in your life?

You will discover the weird world full of light. You will discover rhythm. Blazing trails. Infinite motion.

Stunning, as always. Just fell in love with this.

Yohasse, high five! I’m really glad that it invokes feelings.

Great work as usual Gleb ;)… it’s a pleasure to see your works :slight_smile:


Great article.
I made a cool tiny vid tripping on lowlight and bokeh some years ago.

Plug into lowlight conditions ca be very tripping, yeah.

Looks amazing.
Thanks for the article too, really inspiring.

I can’t believe it, as always. :spin: Great work.

I saw this on the article (and, needless to say, was amazed) and am glad you posted it here. You don’t see many night scenes, and this one is wonderful. I don’t want to look for things to critique/that are wrong. Only thing to stood out to me was the car with the doors open. There were a few things strange to me about it.
It gets my stars for sure! ans thanks for all the tutorials/articles/whatever on your site.

stunning as always. I really enjoy reading and watching your tutorials. So short but stuffed with knowledge and charme

all the stars

Absolutely stunning!

amazing, inspirational, wow

stunning image -definitely captures the magic of city/highway lights.thanks,for the was the realistic light colors of diff. lamps done?

Wow, one of the best night scenes here on BA! Would be nice to see the raw render, before all postprocessing :slight_smile:

I really appreciate it, mate.

[QUOTE=’[hris;2843841’]stunning as always. I really enjoy reading and watching your tutorials. So short but stuffed with knowledge and charme

all the stars[/QUOTE]

cheers! more stuff to come.

Do you mean lens flares?

Thnx! I will post a raw later on.

i was wondering how colour of sodium lamp,red light etc was set - looks realistic.

Great job, Gleb. Молодец!

On technic and realisme it’s verry impressive and only in one week. O_o