Night Life Puddle

Still very noob with Blender, but I can say I am improving :smiley: (with the help of Mr. Andrew Price :wink:

Any ideas of improvement?


Yes; do your own work.

I pretty much just started on Blender…cut me some slack. I barely know how to do anything…

I recon that’s cool - maybe improve the boulders with normal + spec maps, or better ones anyway,

good start - better than mine lol

Don’t pay any mind to the negative comment, following tutorials is how most of us learn Blender :slight_smile:

I think it’s not a bad attempt, but doesn’t quite achieve the right look. Maybe try playing with some settings on your own and try and make it look even better? I personally didn’t like Andrew’s final result either, I preferred the image a few steps from the end of the tut.

Anyway, happy Blending :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Blenderartists forum IcedTime! If you are just beginning blender let me give you some advice as someone who’s been doing it a while.

  1. Use tutorials, but not for the result, but for the content of what it teaches, buttons and techniques.
  2. Observe the real world till your eyeballs fall out and think and question until your brain gives up.
  3. Ask millions of question here, and do not leave the forum.
  4. Find an area you like and stick with it, also don’t give up on projects.
  5. Try big. Attempt something you know you cannot do so so that you can find your weak points.
  6. Take encouragement from others and take critique as well…so that you can improve faster and become more skilled.

Best of luck!

@GRoss: Heh, thanks.

@ReganArt: Yeah, I need to take a step back and not follow everything word for word.

@Keith M: Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll definitely keep your tips in mind.

I can see how the pavement is made. but how the reflection is made? Texture in blender or post processing or any other blender trick?

Here is a tutorial to get the puddle effect.

rvngizswt is a real dumb ass haha, what a silly comment.

It’s great you’re learning from good tutorials, its really worth it to follow the steps and aim for the same result, then you will know more techniques and be able to apply them to more of your own works later on!

When i first started blender in 2001 there weren’t many blender tutorials, I read and followed them all (no video tutorials then either), and then moved to tutorials of other software after that. I was able to learn so fast, just made myself do a few tutorials every week.

All that said, for being new to blender you got a great result, all the best for your future learning, BA is a great place to share work and get feedback to improve! (just ignore the 2 or 3 idiots haha)

hmm, you could add 5x too much glare, 3x too much vignetting, and 10x too much chromatic aberration.
then you would be able to satisfy the rest of the cliche.

don’t you just love (hate) it when Andrew says “let’s add a slight vignette” and then sets the multiply to 2, so you can’t even see the edges of the image? :no: