Night Life

A little night scene with a little inspiration from Andrew Price’s cave tutorial. I didn’t really want to follow the tutorial step by step but rather apply the tips I’ve learned from it in my own scene. My first night scene and third outdoors overall so I don’t really have a firm grasp on lighting and everything so hoping it worked out well. I mainly did this as a little personal experimentation with bioluminescence using translucent and subsurface scattering materials in blender.

For the frog’s skin I used several masks separating different skin colors along with one mask that controls the light emitting skin. Inside the head there are two spheres with emission materials. Subsurface scattering was not allowing much light to pass through the head so I added a translucent mask along parts of the head that would allow the skin to let more light pass through.

2.69 cycles
800 samples
8hr render