Night of the Living Dead Pixels - Suzanne Awards winner

Hey you all,

sorry for the delay in announcing this, but I haven’t been around computers that much lately and didn’t notice that our announcement at Blendernation wasn’t published.

We finished our animation (mainly the sounds, to be accurate) maybe a week or two ago and put it online in three different sizes. We already showed it at finnish animation festival called Animatricks and it was recieved pretty well.

So here you go, the final version of this years best short film @ suzanne:

1024x576 mov compressed with h264

720x405 compressed with h264

and yewwtube version

Hope you enjoy it!

check out our production blog, too:

  • Jussi

its dangerous to go alone.
here, take this! 5* :slight_smile:

thats a awesomely good video!!

That was fabulous. Id give you a 10 but it stops at 5, good job :slight_smile:

Even better with sound! :slight_smile:

This is great. I can see some of the Finnish touches in the character design. I used to be a fan of lemmings; it was really funny to see them as robotic killers.

fucking great! love it!

wow. concept and execution are pretty flawless. Really impressive work.


excellent… well done.

Ha, that was a ton of fun to watch. The animation was iffyat teh beginning, but by teh middle, its was basicly fantastic.

4 stars(the dude’s creased head bugged me quite a bit), averaging it all out, probably 5 for the last half.

Well done.

love the idea and the way it is done :slight_smile: all in all 5/5 ^^

Really awesome animation! Love it!

Great stuff!
5 stars

,.:WOW:., i love it! its like one of the best things in blender ever created lol. well at least i think so. i especially like the lighting! its perfect. great job 5 stars!

Very nice, the animation was good, and the ending was cool :cool:.

5 *'s.

:smiley: cool anim and idea!

Great animation! I wasn’t sure about it at the beginning, but it picked up (the animating)

I disliked the modeling, and the animation in the beginning (like said before), but man…

I’d give you 20 stars for the nostalgia, 40 for the screenplay and 60 for making me laugh and 80 for making me watch more of it.

Are you going to make more some day? :wink:

Other than the nasty seam running down his face the movie was great! :smiley:
5 Living Dead Pixels from me! :smiley:

My biggest issue with this is the main characters terribly creased head, but other than that funny stuff.

Looked nice… loved the Lemmings idea… But the mainchars head had “seam” witch to me was distracting as hell… :S sorry… Tho Animations were good.