Night of the Mongolian Safari 5: End of Disk 1 Book 1: [S] Ignite Cascade

I have decided to break down and ask for help. I am making an animation on a budget of nothing. It will be thirty minutes long spanning forty-nine scenes with custom, home-made sounds and voiceovers.

I have actually taken the time to make a storyboard (very low quality)

Here is what I need from the community:

Some generic angelic wings
A model of King Dedede and his hammer from Kirby
A model of Iji from Iji
A model of M.O.X. from Guild Wars
A model of Chen from Touhou
Karkat’s arm, his sickle, and the crown of the head of JASPROSESPRITE^2 from Homestuck
These two guys, this beast, this woman, and this crystal:
erm… hold on, technical difficulties here.


This crystal, this woman, this beast:

Ansem, Seeker of Darkness and Riku from Kingdom Hearts
A lightsaber prop that I can scale up
Special effects (and sound effects) for the Green Miles that Chen casts and nearly wipes out the party with.

This is due on my birthday, July 18. You can see bigger versions of Ultimecia Irulan and the Black King of the Green Sunon my deviantART page and read about the relevant fanfiction/roleplay here that the animation is for, if you need a little background information on the topic. My current blender file is going to be posted. I have two scenes completed: scene 11 and scene 49.

I can easily do scenes 8, 10, 13, 21-23, and 4. My Iji model from the website’s sprite download works, although if anyone is really good at posing, feel free to take over scene 4.

We have another player in this animation: MiloticMadness!

The King Dedede and Baldemar Axemond (1) models are done.
Scene 3 is almost done.
Next thing to do is to knock out the Angels and Karkat’s insert.
Then, we place Riku’s group and the people in scene 1.
After that… it’s art time.
Feel free to sign up and help out.

(UPDATE: this might get split into three segments of ten minutes each. I don’t know yet.)

End of Book Delayed