Night out, hopeful dawn

Personal project, made entirely in blender except the mushroom, which was sculpted in Zbrush and textured in Substance painter, as I’m trying to learn both (as an addition to Blender of course !).
All textures are CC0, morning hdri from hdrihaven.

I would love to know how to improve it :slight_smile:

Morning version

Night version


That mushroom came out nice and the water drops look sweet. While viewing the image at a “thread/post” size (not full res) the red flowers kind of just look like little red things which are out of place, after clicking the image and enlarging you can see the stems, but faintly and not really defined… The night version is cool, that mushroom looks great light up green, really nice job lighting it. Not sure about the red flowers, maybe there just alittle too much for my taste, towards the end where they are scattered in the background being blurred out was a good touch, added a mysterious vibe… like whats going on back there.
Cool project, thanks for posting.