Night problem :)

I wanted to create some mountains with a lake in the center as I have seen in so much tutorials.
So, I did the mountains and for the lake I did a surface.
I applied the textures for the mountain and the lake.
I put a lamp and a camera.
But, when I try to render it, my light can just illuminate the mountain! The lake keeps dark.
Could you tell me what is the problem?? :-?


Is the surface for the lake on the same layer as the light?

What do you mean by ‘for the lake I did a surface’? Does the problem disappear when you use a mesh instead?

It’s quite hard to tell without more information. Maybe you can post the blend file or screenshots of your material settings (better, because others could also see what’s going on).

Do you render in Yafray? Do you use a raytrace material for the lake but forgot to press the RAY button?

Make sure you don’t have the “VCol Paint” button pressed next to the TexFace button.

It would be helpful if you could post a .blend file.

Sorry :-?

Material buttons -> Mirror Transp -> Only shadow
It was pressed %|