Night reflections on green eyes

Study of a 3D Anime Girl : Night reflections on green eyes

Modelled in Blender 2.82
Rendered in Cycles


Hi Federica,

I think the modeling work is very good, but the rendering can be improved :wink:
The skin shader is good, but I find that the eyes are way too reflective, I cannot see the pupil or the iris, I can only see the reflections on it.

The right part of the character is very dark, in some points the silhouette is not showing as has the same color as the background, maybe a small support light placed to the right of the render scene could help.

Thanks Simone, in the next days I’m going to complete this character by making the whole body and dressing her . I’ll try to improve the face as well as the illumination, which remains my weak point. I think I can turn down the reflection of the cornea and turn up a little bit the light in the scene.
I’ll post another render in the next following days, as soon as I found a dress that fits this girl well :slight_smile:

I’ll also try to switch my render to Eevee, just to see the two different results.