Night road

I am making a night road.

I am seeking feedback for better work.

This is a good start to something! However U have some critiques…

  1. Is this an interior or outdoors scene? It has an indoor feel to it currently so maybe working on the lighting a bit more would help you out.
  2. There isn’t really anything to focus on at the moment. The bright thinks in the top right draw the eye due to the dullness of the surroundings but I think adding something a bit more interesting for the eyes to look at would be cool, this brings me to my next point.
  3. There isn’t really a story going on which is why a large amount of people will just glance at it and scroll right past because there really isn’t anything to contemplate. Sure people who understand the work that went into it will admire it more but I think a story would help create something more special.
  4. The bright things in the top right… What are they? They’re a bit obnoxious to me and I’m not quite sure what they are.
  5. The designs on the bricks are really cool.
  6. I think some night time lighting would be very helpful, maybe some emission planes with different colors like red and blue…

I think that might be it… This looks great! Looking forward to progression!

Is this a Japanese scene?

Thanks for your comment.

Yes, it is a road in a suburban residential area.

I changed the camera angle
What about in this