night scene architecture

I would love o hear any critique about this work!
Technical or artistic related,
Thank you!


For a night scene it is still way too light I think. And where are the streetlights?

Slight disconnect. If you have a long exposure night shot you typically get glare from the lights. The motion blur from the vehicles suggest this but there is no glare on the building lights but you do have it from the vehicles. you can reduce the motion blur from the vehicles or add glare to you building lights. It could be a twilight or dawn picture with the amount of light available but personally I would darken the environment for more impact from the lighted scene. 2 cents coming from a newbie but great work.

new architecture renders!!
nice for so far.
everything about the sky/street lights is said.
but i have some sugestions for the composition.
due too the outside stairs, leak of balconies it should be a office building.
but in the evening… not everyone is working. so play with the lights. put them on/off on different levers.

put some borders (to sit on) around the greenfields and add some trees. no offence but fields like this will never be made :wink:
do too lose of functional space, maintenance and rubbish.

and the last thing to keep you busy, take a second look to the rooftree. levels are 2.8 meter heigh. so your tree is about 8 meters heigh (normals trees can be around 15 meter), its fine put put the leaf part (no idea how you call it) should be heigher.

good luck!!

(take a look at this project of andrew price)