Night sky pictures anyone?

Hello there, I’m doing a render which needs a backdrop of a clear night sky. Very starry containing the milkyway and all that. I did find a lot of suitable images through google search but they always had some strings attached. Is there any place where I could get such a picture that’s in the public domain? I tried Nasa’s but could not find the sort of image I was looking for.

Any help would be much appreciated,
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Here ya go, should be good enough I assume lol, if the galaxies are okay (this was taken by the hubble space telescope)

There is an even bigger version if you want to tackle it, 70 mb XD

Thank you for taking the trouble to post this picture. Don’t know if I can tackle it but I found images like this in Nasa myself. I think I should be more clear. What I’m looking for is a picture of night sky as it would be be seen with the naked eye from earth with that huge streak made by the milkyway. Without that light glow or whatever it’s called that blocks out the stars.

you won’t find such images in nasa or astronomy related websites
try searching for night sky or something like that

there is an image on this page

just to give you an idea of what keywords to use

Column 2 row 5 Milkyway HDR :-

Honestly, you could probably d/l Google Earth switch to sky mode, screen shot, then crop it. Not sure,but here’s another image.


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Use the Tycho Catalog Skymap, it goes up to 16384 x 8192:

You may wish to check this out:
It is a pretty powerful program, check out the side-bars and see for yourself.
Oh yeah, and it is free.

Wouldnt stellarium be better for this? It gives you a view as seen from the surface of the earth which is what he wants.

Wow thanks for all the reply!
Eris, I checked wiki and searched wiki for milkyway and found a really good picture in the commons! Which I can use with some minor editing! Organic, I’ll check yours. Yet to download it.
Celestia, seems a good one but I think I’ll like stellarium better. Downloading it at the moment. Can’t believe there are such brilliant softwares!

Thanks again!