Night Terrors

Hi all,
I’ve been doing what I thought would be a quickie for the Psionic forums latest compo. It kind of got out of hand.

I made the head by extruding polys. The teeth are extruded circles copied, pasted and tweaked.
The tentacles were made by making one ‘section’ of tentacle. I then arrayed it to get the length. After that I used lattices to bend them into shape.

There is an ocean behind the critter, but I’m having a hard time getting the highlights to show on top of the waves.

looks great, awesome moon too!

how did you make th moon is it just a texture

Thank you!

The moon is just a circle (sub-surfed and smoothed). I uvmapped the moon to it and put an emit function on it.

thus so:

Nice work,

I especially like the suction cups on the tentacles.

The volumetric lights give this scene a very ‘Fifties style’ creepy atmosphere:D

Good job,