Night time desk - what should I do next?

Hey guys, this is my unfinished desk and I was wondering what should I continue with (objects to add, lightning, other stuff) or what should I correct. Thx :smiley:


I would put the cup somewhere else with something in it. I think there is a bit to much blur. I would have put a little space between the wall and the desk. And perhaps something on the wall like a poster or a frame with a picture or painting (Maybe it’s a window with vertical blinds and not a wall?). If this is a window with vertical blinds they could be open to let us see a night city scene. But it is still a amazing picture, i love your magazin.

I think there´s too much blur, too.
And for the lamp: It doesn´t seem to look quite right how the light is distributed from it and I think it´s too low for a desk-lamp.
Other than that I really like the scene.

Hey guys, thx for the your replys.This is the new version of my desk and I was wondering what could I do with those vertical blinds…they don’t look ok to me, and if you have any other advices please tell them. Thank you :smiley:


Looking good! I’d say you should try and find a higher-res city image. It looks a little pixely (spelling?) to me. Also I think there might be something wrong with the wood texture for the desk. It looks kind of choppy if you look at the grain. I like the drawing. Did you do it yourself?

Nice work Alex! I do think you should do something with the blinds (maybe turn them in a little more?) Other than that very good work.

Wow!!! What an improvement from the first one. :eyebrowlift: Your blinds don’t seem to have a curve in them, you know, for rigidity, from top to bottom.

Hey guys :smiley: I tried to follow your advices, I turned the blinds in, changed the city image, re-mapped the desk texture…I didn’t understood what you were saying about the curve for rigidity. Hope you like it and I’m looking forward to other advices if you have any :stuck_out_tongue: Thx ! Oh, and I didn’t do that drawing myself but it could have been a good idea :wink:

Very good work. The image is looking very good now!

looks really good. the shadows feel a bit dark even for night. there is a lot of ambient lighting that would brightin it up a little. is the background an emission or just an image? make sure it has emission.

Wow, like a pro !!! Forget the curve thing, a had something in mind but i think it was mixed up with something else:spin:. If you put emission coming from the image of the city, it should be low because the room is way up (like 20th floor or something) and the light of the city are far. But yeah a bit could be cool.

agreed, just a little, just enough to add a little yellow and blue to the shadows in the room

Very nice, and +1 on the statement that it is far improved from the first

What do you mean by add a little yellow AND blue? How can I add them both, won’t I get a green? /:slight_smile: And yes, the image has an emission (strength: 1.000).

What i mean by add a little yellow and blue is not deliberate. the act of adding light will add a blue feel to your dark surfaces, and the yellow would be reflections of the city bouncing off the ceiling back onto the table. tho i guess u already added light. hmmmmm. seems very dark in the room still even for night in that much of an urban area. feels like the light pollution would be stronger.

Some little adjustments and I think this may be the final version. I’m waiting for your opinions. Thx :smiley: