Night to daye

i need a good way to go from day to night constantly in real time 30000 frame animation and can’t find any texture that will fit this anyone got one please im willing to share a few textures out of my own library for one (the ones that are mine to give of corse)

For such a trasition I used a sky mesh with a color ipo which changed from light blue(day) to dark purple(night) and the lamps have an ipo which decreases their energy. The ground mesh is light enabled so it shows when the lamp turns down.

k i still need a sky texture

Mine’s just vertex painted light blue, I didn’t use a texture. If you really need one just search for images on Google

Try this link

and this one too

i already checked google the textures there dont fit or look good enough, o thanks facmainia

Look at this thread for Skybox Textures.

You could use a combination of these techniques:

Create a skydome and vertex paint it with a desired color. Then use RGB IPO’s to animate it between your desired colors.

Next create another skydome and apply a alpha/transparent texture of clouds. Use the Alpha IPO to animate this.

Finally create a third skydome and apply another alpha/transparent texture of stars. Again, use the Alpha IPO to animate this.

This way you have infinite control over sky color, cloud density and star brightness. You can even use UV map animation to simulate moving clouds and stars.

Haven’t tried this, but should work like a champ.

Yep, that last method works well; I’ve done it twice. It’s a fun job setting up the color ipos just right, and timing everything :slight_smile:

ok are there any that have night day in one texture
so all u have to animate is tha light and have it rotate

I suppose it could be done with a combination of uv map animation, alpha and color IPO’s. Would be tricky to create the textures so they’re -just right- but might just work.

Finding a premade texture that does all this? Not likely. There are animated textures, ie. high res movie files, but that would cost you dearly frame rate wise.

dam thanks

P.s. nothing realy slows my framerates below 60fps my pc is a god