Nightly drive

Hi there!
I drew some doodles today, and i came up with
this character. I decided to try and model it, and
this is what i got. I really like how it came out!
There are still some flaws, but this was a quickie,
so i don’t think i’ll do more changes.
I did some slight post-pro(car blur, color adjustment)
in the gimp.

pleas c&c if you feel like it!


Very good. I like the style, it’s not easy to get that sort of style in blender.

I like your style. It’s so simple and nice, and the colours are pure and lively.

Thanks alot!

looks good, although a bit ‘unblender’…as in, why use 3d for an image like that?? but then, its the end result that matters, and this is good work…besides, even i have found mouself using blender for page layouts :smiley: