Nightmare????? (UPDATE #4)

O.k. most probably it’s going to suck at the end and I don’t even know when I will be able to finish it (I still am facing time problems… :(), but here’s how it goes:

Today I had some free time for “waste” in my hands and I decided to start something… I don’t have a clue of what I’m doing here, I don’t even know how it is going to look like at the end… I only know that I want to make it as “twisted” and “disturbing” as it can get…

I found a couple of reference pics of Lawrence Fishburn and starting from them, I tried to model a character…

This is what I’ve done so far:

Comments and crits are mostly welcomed (and demanded I should say… ;))

Thanks in advance for your time and patience with me…


Looks great, man. I love that jaw. Nice and feindish looking. Have you watched Jacobs ladder recently? I always thought that was a really good piece, and very disquieting. Maybe it could give you some ideas as far as environments, and lighting and stuff.

Looks good man. If you opened nis mouth just a touch and put in some nicely pointed teeth it might make his grin look slightly more melevolent.

Going in the right direction I will tell you that!

Thanks guys for your kind comments…

O.k. today I had some spare time in my hands, so I worked a little bit more on his face…

Here’s a small update:

C&C are welcome (as always…) :smiley:

Well, I like your updated model, but it really doesn’t look all that twisted or scary. The cheeks and the mouth look like they are about to form a benevolent smile, not like some thing out of a nightmare. The forehead slopes back quickly, and the nose has huge nostrils, but the features have a certain friendliness to them.

Your first image was not as refined, but I like it a lot more. The narrow mouth and pursed lips contrast with the cheeks, which you pulled back into a smile. The incongruousness of the result makes it look sinister, maybe happy with its state of anger. The small but pronounced nose and tall forehead enhance the effect, as do the oddly shaped eyes.

I think you should continue with both models, and split them into two projects. Don’t get rid of either one; they are both good, but are not suited to the same mood or purpose.

Great work -


Minor fixes in the face and neck, ears added and the begining of the torso… I tried some test lighting, just to show a little bit of the final “mood”…

Here’s the pic:

This “sucker” had a life of it’s own till now, but I’m definetely back in “control”… :smiley: Now I know exactly, what I want to do with “him”…

I will continue with the torso form now on, but maybe I will add a couple of “things” on the head later when it’s nearly finished…

Please people… Give me your opinion on this… :expressionless:

Thanks all the guys that replied so far… Your comments are very much appreciated… :smiley:

C.U. later… :wink:


Nicely done. Looks like a very clean mesh.

The eyes seem to be bulging out a little too much, but that may be the look your going for.


Well, the eyesockets fit to the part I was telling you that the creature “had a life of it’s own”… It was a little pain in the… (you know where :P) to fix them, but accidentally, the eyes and the general facial expression is perfect for what I intend to do with the “creature”, so I suppose I’ll keep it this way…

Thanks for the kind comments BgDM… :smiley:

O.k. time for another update…

The torso is nearly finished:

and here’s a test render:

Please tell me what you think of it…


very very very very very ugly
good job!



I just finished the pelvis area…

Here’s a screenshot:

What do you think??? It looks o.k. to me so far, but I suppose it would be very useful to me to have a second opinion…

C&C’s are needed…

C.U. :wink:

Damn good work. His chest looks a little flat to me, but that may just be my terrible eyesight. :wink:


hohoho scary.

with a good lighting the face will be very scary.

no crits on the model thought

keep going

Wow dude thats turning out very good.
NO crits from me! Keep up the good work!

Cant wait to see the finished thing!