nightmare! ( WC )

heheh couldn’t pass this one up, here’s where I’m at so far.


texture update. not sure what I will do for the background yet…



reminds me of a sketch i did in spanish class once…except mine had more gore.

yea needs a background or something to help out ur message…wutever it is.

and teh scratches are looking good but the metal’s still not convincing

the metal plate looks quite plasticy, try adding a little raymirror

his ears are cut off. that’s why there is a bloody stump there. Hessiess, I will add raymir once there is something to reflect.

Since the ears are cut off you might want to try making the gore more noticable. Pretty creepy image in general. Are you going to add hands to claw at the metal faceplate?

thanks, it all depends on how much time I have left once I’ve filled out the basic elements. I’d like to make a good normals map for his head though, if I get time. I don’t think I’ll make any hands yet, but it’s possible.