last night i had a nightmare, now i’ve modeled it:

i modeled it completely with SubSurf… yippeee SubSurf is my fav !!!
scared? any comments?



  • ducking under the desk *

Yypes! It is scaring, yes! Very nice modelling and texturing, light and DoF!

Yup, background too is really nice, makes you really think you’re deep underwater (It is deep underwater is it?)


:o WOW!

Great model @ndy! Beautiful work here.

There is some great stuff being done with Blender lately. It forces the rest of us to step it up a bit.


Very nice work @ndy!


I love it! Awesome Bio stuff! Looks like a scarey Nightmare!
Nice texturing and Lighting. Looks really professional. How long did it take you?

frickin’ awesome.
I love it.

yup :slight_smile:

yeah yeah come on, step up and do some real awesome work :smiley:

hmm… i made it today, it took 3 hours.

Thanks for the comments


that is some excellent organic modelling!


I 've rendered it in a better resolution [1024* 768] now:
Now you can see the details.
still scared? :smiley:


Good god, man! You’ll give me a nightmare all right. I am doing the loch ness monster for my IRTC animation. You’ve successfully inspired me.

Thats really ugly! Nice job modeling it though. You must not sleep very well.

Wish I had beautiful dreams like that, in full color and everything.

Who cares if it’s scary if the effects are cool?

  1. pofo

Whoa! Very cool nightm…i mean image! :smiley:

well… that’s just awsome!
absolutly great work (not only modelling, but also texturing and lighting).

keep it up! :slight_smile:

haha i found a load more expressions that arnt posted yet are these comming soon definatly suits this post.

amazing creature looks like it could be real!!!