would have been nice to spend another day on it, but I’m pooped.
(edit) did some P&P and changed the tex a bit, I think it’s better now.

It does look very nightmarish. I think it could benefit greatly from better lighting though.

i had a nightmare like that once. i was ugly and i had a piece of metal hamered to my head. neee way, i like it, but i think maybe, some better lighting could have been used…

thanks guys, yeah i suppose the lighting could have been better, but that’s how it goes with time constraints, I didn’t have alot of time to fool with it. I might still make a bumped version, if so, I’ll fix the blah lighting.

Modron: Very good concept and execution within the time limits of the challenge.


nice the background is very interesting now…

good job but i still dont like the metal at all.

Really cool! I love this! I don’t like the way the nose is very round though. Makes it look kind of friendly, which isn’t what you want I don’t think.

Keep it up!

thanks guys, ( i voted for yours btw robert ) cuby, I may go back and add to this, and redo some stuff, I had originally thought maybe a ridge along the face thing would be good, maybe I’ll try that.

hey, great peice man.

I have one thing to crit about and its the eye area. I think instead of the dip/pulled in look you should make them a little more faceted like someone/thing has been bashing his head with a hammer. And material wise the metal could be better.

Other than that, Cool.

Good idea. Lovely executed. I just love textured look of the render - it could pass as painting. I find it bit frightening - which was the intention… soo four stars from me!

haha nice this reminds me of the stalkers from hl2

hl2 = halo? I gotta get that game, after all the rave reviews it got. Haven’t actually seen it yet though, except in the original TV ad.

dude, halo 2 came out like 4 years ago, get halo 3. Hes talking about half life 2, which also came out around 4 years ago