(olaf) #1

Heya you talented Blenderpeople out there,

Wanna show you my current WIPS:

a Night Scene, one rendered with Lightflow the other one with Blenders own Scanlinerenderer. I wan’t to keep it rich detailed so there’s yet nothing more to see than a table with books. The other PIC is my space scene that i improved a little bit (in my opinion). What ya think ?

See ya, Olaf.

(Jamesk) #2

That’s a nice halo effect on those planets. A bit too much if you’re going for total accuracy, if not it’s a damn nice pic. :slight_smile:

(stephen2002) #3

well, obviously that LW render of the night scene is better than Blenders render, but only becuase you didn’t take the time to make the lighting nicer for Blender (i.e. add more shadow lamps).

The planet is nice. The atmosphere effect is only too much if you are going for an earth atomsphere, which it clearly is not Earth.

(Nayman) #4

I like your pics, but how did you do the rings?
always had trouble ith that

(adyus) #5

yeah, me too. I’d appreciate a small explanation of the rings. Where did you find the planet texture? Btw, some flare lines would look good around that sun, it looks just a little bit bare to me.

(banana_sock) #6

where do you get the texture maps for the planets? A map of earth is easy, but others seem difficult. The small planet also has some illuminated parts on the dark portion. The sun is a bit boring too, but the earth is great.

The lightflow vs blender is a bit one sided at the moment. You really need to reduce the spec on the blender one. It looks really off, but the rest is good.

(Goofster) #7

I thought the first render was the blender one :slight_smile:

no reason to use lightflow in this picture, just set the spec WAY down on the materials.

this has the potential to become a very nice scene. keep it up


(olaf) #8

Thanks a lot for all comments and suggestions,

@Nayman and adyus: The Ring is simple to make, add a circle extrude and scale inwards. Then for texturing make the maps in your favourite 2D Graphic program, i used Gimp for that doing some gradients for a color map and the alpha map too in bw. Then UV-map your color map on every single face of your ring, make sure that you enable “twoside” and “shadow” if you want shodows on the ring in the Paint-Buttons, also enable the “TexFace” Button in the Materialbuttons. Setup a second material for the alphamap, go to the editbuttons and into faceselectmode, select every single face, switch to editmode and assign your new material with the alphmaptexture to it, also select subsurf for a beautyfull round ring. Load the alphamap in a texturechannel, select “uv” for projectionmode and “alpha” for texturingmode, all done for the second material, that´s all for the ring.

@banana_sock: Don´t have the link anymore, but if you want them I´ll send you the maps PM. For the small planet: I like it in that way i used a Picture for the “emit” texture, you know not allways the same things for dark and light side.

@Goofster: yeah me too likes the Blenderendering much more, i only want to experiment with the new LF-Script probing some materials and lighting, only for practice, hmm lets see what comes out in the future…
In the Blenderrendering i used only the Blender default material, i only wanna see how the lighting comes out, so stay tuned…
Hey i visited your Website, very beauty gallery there, i for one really like the high-tech-hoverskateboard, very good texturing, UV Textures?

Bye, Olaf.

(adyus) #9

thanks for the tip, olaf. my biggest problem was how to get or make a texture for the rings, not creating them…