Hello Everyone,

My first with 2.43, though I have been working on it for a while using a build from

I used the new displace modifier on the gravel and the brick.

Thanks for viewing!


Hey that’s pretty good, it could use some work though.

If you are going for realism here are a few crits to help you out:

  1. The brick walls could use a bump map
  2. The lights spread out too far
  3. The specularity value on the concrete needs to be toned down just a bit.

Other than that it’s a great looking scene. = )

Nice concept…

Updated pic -

added more bump, and tweaked concrete texture - lower spec.

Looks pretty good.

The ground is kind of feature lacking, and the walls looks too plain. The windows need more reflection, and the lighting needs some work, it looks to flat.

I think some Radiosity could do wonders for this scene.