Nightstand Radio

I know there’s really no ‘scene’ to speak of and I know it’s not a very exciting object. I’m still working on my modelling skills right now and am rather happy with how this turned out. It was actually quite a challenge for me at my level of Blendering.

Maybe it’s not an exciting object, but the modelling seems to be very clean - good job!

An additional image showing your wireframe would be great.

I like it, but where are the controls for it? Just a thought. Perhaps they are hidden under a panel. Very clean looking. :slight_smile:

The station is changed by spinning the top and on/off volume control is on the left side. You spin that as well. Here are the requested wires. The grill was the toughest part for me to model.

scene wire

radio body wire

grill wire

station selector & antenna wire

volume control wire

Looks cool maybe adding it on a table?? in a window maybe :slight_smile: Cant wait to see that

Perhaps add a digital display on the side so that you actuall know which station our listening to. and perhaps an indented arrow or wedge indicating which direction to turn volume up.

These are just minor critiques, the model is good! :slight_smile:

Brings me back to the 1970’s style of radios.

OK, Khnum. Since you’re so persistant about the controls I’ll try to do some UV mapping just for you. :wink: I’ll see what I can do.

Sorry if I seem persistant. I’ll shut up…

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No Khnum, you shouldn’t shut up, we are all here to share something and if we are not able to listen to other’s advises we should stay alone.
In addition i read many of your advises and even if you are sometimes persistant (:)) you have good ideas.
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Your radio is really nice like this, simple (but in the positive way) and well, hummm quite pure.
I like it but I wouldn’t put some control buttons (is it necessary to precise this is some kind of joke :D)

Just in case anyone thought I was irritated by Khnum I want to clarify that I was just teasing about him being persistent. I don’t want anyone to think that I took offense at all. In fact, he’s spot on about his ideas. I modelled the radio from a real object. That’s what the radio looks like. Quite simple with only 2 moving parts. The top moves to change stations and the side spins for volume. The only thing missing is a curved arrow on the side around the volume control & FM station numbers on the top of the body (which can’t be seen from this angle anyway.

Thanks for looking and thanks for your comments! :slight_smile: This forum has been priceless for my learning process.