This is a scene I created in an attempt to make the most photo-realistic scene I could. I also happens to be the first full scene I’ve ever done. Usually I just create an object on display, so this was a whole new challenge for me. It was rendered in Luxrender, and took about 7 hours total render time. The book is Ender’s Game if anyone is interested.


Very good, and even more so considering this being your first full scene! Only crit is the jpeg artifacts, use another image hoster such as instead of the forum attachements. I think you captived a lovely atmosphere, great work on materials and textures, you have a good attention to details.

Oh and welcome to the forums!

Yeah, after I uploaded it, I was pretty let down with the quality of the image display. Oh well. I know better for next time.

No I meant you should just go ahead and upload the render for this project. :wink: There’s a lot of image hosting websites to choose from,,, among others, my favorite is to use dropbox. :slight_smile:

I figured. Had to take some time to sign up for Photobucket. Here’s the real deal.

Very nice image, Josh.

Very nice image and ambiance. I like the lightning of the scene.
Only critic I’d make is the size of the lampstand, which is too big for its lampshade… or the lampshade is too small for its stand, whichever way you prefer…
But a big thumb up for your first scene ! Merry blending !

Very nice, I especially like the book! The texture on the wall looks a bit large scaled to me but not impossibe.
You are very patient, I never could wait more than half an hour for a still render :slight_smile:
Keep it up!
This render served two purposes. To highlight the details of my book up close. And to show off a book cover I designed for a friend’s book. I didn’t see the need to make a new thread for it.

Great composition, lighting and detail!
What’s up with the photograph? The people’s heads look unusually large for their bodies.

Ha, yeah. I took one of my wedding photos and enlarged the heads on it as a joke. My wife hates it. I think it’s funny.