Nighttime Cloud Spotlights

I need three spotlights aimed at the night sky, each one projecting a letter into the clouds. Very similar to the “calling batman” style spotlight. This requires me to have a “fake” surface for the spotlights to project on. Unfortunately, having a big fat backdrop plane sitting in the sky blocks out any stars/cloud textures behind it that I just might want to add to the world material. Is there some fancy way of making a material only detect and react to light shining on it while remaining otherwise transparent, to allow things such as stars or clouds behind it to shine through? A screenshot is attached to give a better idea of the problem.


you could try with some volumetric low density mat

and with a mask shine a very bright light on it

may be go to the Volume WIP and ask the questions there

might find a way to do this with volume


One fake I’ve done in games is to make a cone shaped object with an alpha’d texture - can even animate cloud on it and put a bone on the flat base so you can point it as you like