Nightvisoin graphics

Does anyonew know how to create nightvision like graphics like this

or like this

would it be add a green light filter and blur

use the compositor to filter the footage through a color ramp or something similar

Desaturate the image (so it’s black and white) and then change the color balance toward the greens – the “color correction” node in the compositor should get you there.

thanks a lot
i should have included i wanted it for a game actually

a game that has it so if u press a button it will go to night vision though i can use it for an animations
i have in mind for the game(the trailer)

for in-game use, you have to create a driven animation of materials from daytime to night to nightvision. Then when the player clicks a button, you move (or rotate) the driver. The driver will then cause the objects in the scene to change their material settings so that they look as though they are being looked at through the night vision goggles.

thanks but could go a tad bit more in depth?
i mean i get what u mean but how do u make it blurry green and all? filter?