Nike air yeezy 2 (wip)

here’s what i’ve been doing this past few day, the yeezy
i’m gonna do the red october and try to make the other version off of this shoe too

btw any of you have this shoe just want a closeup pics of the materials
and if you have one kudos to you man… :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m not that in to shoes,… but someone ask about a 3d model of this shoe on facebook so i made one :slight_smile:


Very nice shoe modeling! I love the smooth details on the bottom.

Wow. loving the details. Are they modeled or sculpted?

modeled :slight_smile:

here’ some small update… i’m doing the materials now and here’s a test render i made

note that i’m still experimenting with the proper material for it


Nice work so far!

I’ve done it, I’ve finished the yeezy

here’s some of my renders