Niklas Werth Everyday Art

Day 120

day 121 Valentines day.

day 122

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day 123, was tired, so something easy.

day 124, rigged the robot, and did a little walk cycle. Too big to upload.

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day 125


day 126

Day 127

day 128 somehow ended up being 14.4 MB, even though its fairly low res, has slower encoding to make the file smaller, and is just i mean, only 120 frames?

Anyways, cant upload it directly here, so instagram link.

day 129
too big for forum upload limit

day 130

day 131

“It was then we realized that the angels with their halos depicted in our ancient text and artwork, were infact their ships. And it all made sense, for pizza was our god, its flesh we feasted on, the forbidden fruit, and retribution was at hand. For every slice we ate, so too would a human be eaten by them.”

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Day 132

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Day 133

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Day 135

day 136

day 137


day 138

day 139
Sir Gregor The Brave

day 140

Day 141

Day 142

Day 143

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Day 144