Nikon D7000

Hello everyone, I have not posted anything here in way to long… I am currently working on a Nikon D7000 camera, here is what I have so far
(click to enlarge)
Any thoughts or constructive criticism would be appreciated.

Here is an update before I go to bed
(still working on the lighting)

I hope you add a Lens to that thing.

I have already made a nikon lens a while ago, I will be putting that one on… I still have to decide if im going to model the inside of the camera.
Here is the lens

done :slight_smile:

and here it is on turbosquid :slight_smile:

You must add a glass material becouse the lens looks unfinished.

Very good model:eyebrowlift:

thanks lin2010, the glass on the lens is just a mirror right now… i probably will model the inside of the lens so that i can make the lens transparent…