Nik's BWC entry

My BWC entry


thats some crazy fast modeling there!
looking good so far :smiley:


That is all.

Nice, only crit is that its not finished yet :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks like you are going to provide some tough competition. Great start so far.

Very very promishing !
looking forward to see more !

Thanks for all

geez how the heck do you people work so damn fast, I will be damn suprised if I even finish concepts by next week, well you have inspired me to get my lazy butt into gear and do some work, impressive stuff. If the lighting and materials is as strong as the modeling than this will be one entry to look out for.

Thanks again


Small test composite…


thhis is going to be great!

Thanks for the comment ionee. The composition will be heavily influenced as time goes on.

Awesome work so far.:yes:
(probably should abstain from critiquing though, you are the competition, lol.:rolleyes:)

Wow, it would fascinate me to watch you model, through skype or something, ive always wanted to be a fast modeler but not lose any precision due to speed, and this is the exact style i love to make, rubble and “trash” everywhere, and also i love making futuristic objects also if maybe somehow you could record yourself modeling id LOVE to get my hands on a video of that, or if you could somehow make a tutorial on where to start or something.

Amazing work, i cant wait to see this done!
(btw, this is stupid but whats a BWC?)(some sort of competition i know…but for what)

BWC is the Blender World Cup.

Great modelling Nikolaus!

Nice work nik .

Small update…

Started working on one of the bots:

This mesh will also be used for a Halloween image I am working on. :slight_smile:

Any anatomy tips would be great!


Oh… And thanks for all the comments!

-Frustration- : I will be capturing some of my modelling efforts soon, will post them on Youtube. :slight_smile:

use a side view :stuck_out_tongue:
its looking great, just keep going!

Sorry… Here is a side view… :stuck_out_tongue:

And… Eh… A …wire: